Minimum Wage is Increasing

December 21, 2015

Colorado’s constitution requires the state’s minimum wage to be adjusted for inflation on an annual basis. Accordingly, effective January 1, 2016, the state’s minimum wage will increase from $8.23 per hour to $8.31 per hour, and the rate for tipped employees will rise from $5.21 per hour to $5.29 per hour.

In addition to Colorado, minimum wage rates in the following states will be increasing with the new year:


  • Alaska: $9.75 per hour;

  • Arkansas: $8.00 per hour;

  • California: $10.00 per hour;

  • Connecticut: $9.60 per hour;

  • Hawaii: $8.50 per hour;

  • Massachusetts: $10.00 per hour;

  • Michigan: $8.50 per hour;

  • Nebraska: $9.00 per hour;

  • New York: $9.00 (eff. 12/31/2015);

  • Rhode Island: $9.60 per hour;

  • South Dakota: $8.55 per hour;

  • Vermont: $9.60 per hour;

  • West Virginia: $8.75 per hour.


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