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Let us do your payroll for free.


Trust us -- you'll want your sound ON for this one:

For a limited time, we are going to be giving ALL our new non-profits FREE payroll for a month!


We want to show you why our clients love and trust Poplar Financial to handle payroll, employee onboarding, benefits management, PTO requests, timekeeping and more.

What better way to prove we're the best, than to show you? That's why we're giving all non-profits an entire month of payroll completely free -- no strings attached.

Remaining time for
TWO FREE MONTHS of payroll:


If your organization signs up for your demo before September 1st, we'll add ANOTHER FREE MONTH. 

We just need some basic info, and we'll set you up for a demo, so you can see our all-in-one platform, and get TWO FREE MONTHS of payroll

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