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Improve productivity, accuracy and reliability of your payroll process
Our Timekeeping is available in a variety of configurations that can be tailored to match the requirements of your business.

Timeworks Plus

TimeWorksPlus uses intelligent clocks and cloud-based time management software to save time and keep costs low.

Employee Timekeeping

View, Edit, and Approve Time

Managers can view, edit and approve time punches all on one screen.



Clock In and Out Anywhere

Employees can clock in and out on any device. We offer webclocks, physical clocks, and mobile timekeeping. 



Easily Upload Time Transactions to Payroll

Don't worry about transferring data to the payroll system! With the click of a button, all transactions are uploaded and ready to go.


Automatic Reminders 

Managers can subscribe to receive a daily auto email notification of their employee's time punches for that day.  

Mobile Timekeeping

Clock In and Out Anywhere

Employees can clock in and out on any mobile device. 



View and Approve Time

Employees can view and make notes on their current timesheet. If their timesheet is correct, they can approve their timecard from their mobile device.



PinPoint GPS Tracking

Each time an employee clocks in or out on their mobile device, PinPoint GPS captures the location of the employee. 

Time Clock Options:





The Z34 Biometric clock allows employees to clock in/out via biometric fingerprint verification and PIN. 

The 330 TimeClock allows clock in/out with a PIN or mag-stripe time card. This clock sends data through an Analog connection (standard fax/phone)

The online WebClock allows employees to clock in/out through a standard web browser. 

The mobile clock allow employees to clock in and out on their mobile devices with PinPoint GPS Tracking.

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