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Convert 100% of Employees to Electronic Pay

Pay Cards are the solution for businesses who want to convert their employees to 100% direct deposit, even employees without a bank account. Businesses can save money by eliminating paper check production, distribution, and reconciliation.

Cash Access

  • ATM

  • PIN Debit Cash Back

  • No Charge PIN and POS transactions

  • Transfer to a Bank Account

  • Bank Teller Cash Withdrawal


  • Signature and PIN Debit

  • Online Purchasing

  • Mail/Telephone Order

  • Money Orders


Deposits & Transfers

  • Deposit of Primary Payroll

  • Deposit of Secondary Payroll

  • Direct Deposit of Benefits

  • eZtransfer® to a Bank Account

Account Access

  • Toll Free IVR

  • 24x7 Customer Service

  • Bi-lingual account access

  • Online cardmember portal

Employer Benefits
  • Convert 100% of employees to direct deposit

  • Cost savings over paper check production and distribution

  • Reduce bank fees and expenses from paper check deposits and reconciliation

  • Use for delivery of termination pay, adjustments, expense reimbursements and bonuses

  • Distribution of pay effective even for employees in remote areas or when impacted by a natural disaster

  • Eliminate tracking and escheatment of non-deliverable funds or un-cashed payroll checks

  • Creates a higher, more productive business

Employee Benefits
  • More features and better value than most bank accounts

  • Eliminates check cashing fees

  • Make purchases wherever MasterCard® Debit Cards are accepted, including online

  • Convenient access to card balances and transaction activity 24x7 at no charge

  • Funds are secure and can be replaced if pay card is lost or stolen

  • Event driven text messages with balances and card activity

  • Funds FDIC insured up to $250,000

ATM Locator

Please check the back of your card for participating ATM networks then select from the images below to find a location nearest you.

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