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Don't HR Alone #7 - Sample Strict Inclement Weather Policy

Inclement Weather: Strict Policy

It is necessary to initiate a plan to ensure adequate office support for our customers during all types of weather.

The facility will be open for normal operation unless the state Department of Transportation (DOT) actually closes major roads for extreme weather conditions. In case of severe weather conditions where major roads are not closed by DOT, office opening may be delayed to 10 a.m. to allow extra time to avoid the congested rush-hour traffic.

In the event of severe weather conditions, call ____________. A recorded message will respond to your phone call and notify you that the office will open at its usual time, that the company will open at a later time (10:00 a.m.), or that the office will be closed for the day. In addition, the following radio and TV station(s) will be requested to make announcements: _____________________.

A statement will also be posted on the company’s website. Employees who have provided e-mail addresses or cell phone numbers capable of receiving text messages will be sent a broadcast e-mail.

If the company is open, employees will be expected to report to work. However, each employee must observe conditions in his or her area and decide whether it is too hazardous to attempt to drive to work when weather conditions are severe. We do not expect anyone to take an unreasonable risk attempting to drive to work.

Should the company be closed due to extreme weather, all employees will be paid for a normal day of work. The following payroll guidelines have been established for nonexempt employees reporting to work when the facility opening is delayed because of severe weather conditions:

• Employees reporting before 10:00 a.m. will receive a full day’s pay.

• Employees reporting after 10:00 a.m. will be paid for hours worked.

• Those employees who do not report to work will not be paid for the day. With supervisor approval, they may take the day as a vacation or personal day.

• Overtime pay will only apply to those employees who have actually worked over 40 hours that week.

In extreme emergencies, mission-critical tasks, such as customer services, payroll, and confirming health coverage for employees injured in the storm, will be performed at our remote facility located at ____________. Employees who have mission-critical tasks are to contact _________________ to arrange to work at or through the remote office.

The company will make arrangements through its bank to pay employees on time either through normal electronic deposits or mailing checks to employees’ temporary housing. Employees in temporary housing are to contact ___________ at the remote office regarding their temporary mailing address.

Employees who are not working because of the company’s closing and who have exhausted paid time off may contact ______________ to determine eligibility for loans from their 401(k) account, payroll advances, or unemployment benefits. Ill or injured employees are to contact _______________ to determine eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits, short-term disability benefits, loans from their 401(k) account, or payroll advances.

During an emergency, these individuals may be contacted.

[Name] will be responsible for closing, mission-critical, relocating, and reopening decisions.

[Name] will be responsible for human resources decisions.

[Name] will be responsible for all media contacts.

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