Don't HR Alone #11 - Unions, Unemployment, and Equal Pay Laws

Oregon Governor Brown signs legislation to expand pay equity protections to include all protected classes — OREGON — Equal pay

Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed legislation on June 1 that expands pay equity protections to Oregonians.

“Pay inequity can keep women in relationships they don't want to be in and can keep women of color working two or three jobs,” Governor Brown said. “I applaud the Legislature's bipartisan efforts to pass the Pay Equity Bill and make great strides toward a more equitable and prosperous Oregon.”

House Bill 2005 strengthens existing protections by making it an unlawful practice to discriminate between employees on the basis of a protected class in the payment of wages or other compensation for work of comparable character, creates new provisions to ensure an individual's past salary does not hold them back when applying for a new job, and encourages all employers to conduct a pay equity study, just as the state has recently done.

The measure prohibits payment of wages or other compensation to any employee at a rate greater than that which an employer pays employees of a protected class for work of comparable character.