Don't HR Alone #21 - Trump and Compliance Survey of Medium Sized Business

Midsized employers are worrying about compliance, health care costs, reform, and less about employee engagement — SURVEY RESULTS

A new ADP Research Institute® (ADPRI) study reveals that midsized business owners are most concerned about rising health care costs, health care reform legislation and the volume of government regulations. However, these same businesses are now less concerned with employee engagement, compared with the prior year's study.

ADPRI said the combination of these factors may mean that midsized business owners are letting their talent bases erode while they focus on these other priority issues.

"Midsized business owners clearly have a lot on their plates these days," said John Ayala, president of Major Account Services at ADP. "But clearly, midsized business owners can't be so distracted by what's going on in national or state governments that they neglect their most important asset -- their people."

In late 2016, ADPRI conducted a post-election survey of more than 750 owners and executives at midsized companies -- those with 50-999 employees. The study not only provides a snapshot of what is happening today; it also reveals trends