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Tips for limiting liability risks at summer party — PRACTICE TIP

For some companies, the office summer picnic or outing has replaced the office holiday party. However, summer office outings still present similar liability risks for company managers and bosses.

A survey of over 400 managers, conducted by Seyfarth Shaw at Work, reveals that more than 60 percent of managers have hosted summer office events that later came back to "bite" them. The biggest unexpected hot-weather headaches came from drinking games, risky team-building activities and poorly executed party themes.

Philippe Weiss, Managing Director of Seyfarth Shaw at Work, suggests the following tips for bosses and companies:

1. Ticket the Tequilas: Provide the event food, but limit the alcohol - such as by using a drink ticket system. (It also may be safest to avoid asking employees to cook any of the dishes to limit food poisoning and other risks).